How to Get Rid of Furniture Clutter

Every home has it – furniture that no one uses. Maybe it’s sitting in your garage gathering dust, or maybe it’s in the corner of the lounge, where no-one uses it because it’s ugly, looks out of shape, or is covered in other household clutter. Some people choose simply to throw stuff out on the street, but there are far better ways of dealing with your home’s furniture clutter.

Donate to Charity Shops

Charity shop

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Charity shops are all over the country, and with good reason. Many home owners lack the money to invest in costly, new furniture, and so they turn to other peoples’ unwanted goods. Look here for a list of charity shops in your area. By contributing your unwanted furniture (as well as clothes, electronics, books, old children’s’ toys and just about anything else you don’t have a need for), you may be doing your part to make someone else’s home more comfortable. Even if the items you donate aren’t in tip-top shape, some stores will refurbish or recycle them.

Put your clutter in the classifieds

Furniture clutter

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There are many places you can put your furniture up for sale if you feel that it’s worth too much simply to give away. Websites like Gumtree, OLX and let you post classified ads online for free. They have categorical breakdowns so that people who’re looking to buy furniture can find exactly what they want, giving you a better chance of finding a buyer. Whether you’re trying to get rid of lounge furniture, bedroom furniture or even elegant antique furniture, you’re bound to find a buyer online.

Got an antique? Get it appraised


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If the furniture you’re looking to get rid of isn’t your style but you think it could be a valuable antique, why not get it appraised and put on auction? Check out various appraisal services, as well as using auction websites like, and let the public decide what your furniture is worth.

Self-storage: out of sight, out of mind


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If you’re not ready to part ways with your furniture and just want to free some space temporarily, why not opt for self-storage? Whether you’ve downsized your living space or just accumulated too much stuff, opting for self-storage is a quick and easy solution. Storage facilities are secure, affordable and often conveniently located near city centres so that you won’t have to travel far to collect or deposit your belongings.

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