Signs You’re Underappreciated Office Slave

We all dream of having a job that’s totally satisfying – a good salary, friendly colleagues, convenient location, engaging tasks and so on. Unfortunately, most of us have jobs that don’t meet all of these standards. However, a little appreciation goes a long way. Often it can make up for extra work you do and keep you committed. If that’s also missing, it may be time to rethink. Here we consider signs – some serious and others less so – that your employer isn’t treating you right.

A poor selection of hot drinks

Bad coffee

Image by Martin Cathrae

Even those who love their filter coffee are often ready to settle for instant coffee at work. However, it’s not encouraging if you’re offered only the coffee that you know is the cheapest on the shelf.

Slow computer

Wrecked computer

Image by youngthousands

For those of us who do most of our work behind the warm glow of a computer screen, having an efficient computer can make the task at hand seem a lot more bearable. Not much makes an unhappy employee grind their teeth harder than a computer that operates too slowly, overheats, makes a loud noise or randomly shuts down, resulting in lost work.

Shoddy furniture

Shoddy furniture

Image by Curtis Perry

Most of us do our work sitting. It’s only fair that the seat you’re spending seven or more hours on a day should be comfortable and keep your back in good shape. If your office seat has faulty wheels, no armrests, no lumbar support, fraying upholstery or a funny smell, it may be a sign that you’re an underappreciated office slave. High-end office chairs not only feel better but can increase your productivity and keep posture-related back pain at bay.

Inferior seating location

There’s a lot that can go wrong with the way your work space is situated. For example, if you’re placed in an office with a photocopier, you may have to deal with a constant stream of people and a noisy machine. You might also be forced to sit with your back to a high-traffic door. Humans have evolved to not sit with their backs to entryways, and the office is no exception to this rule.

Distant parking spot

distant parking

Image by Ralph Combs

Everyone knows that a little bit of daily exercise can keep your levels of motivation and happiness up, but not when the exercise is forced on you because you have to park blocks away from your office. This may leave you hot, sweaty and annoyed in summer and cold, shivering and annoyed in winter.

Left out of the bigger picture


Image by Jonny Wikins

One of the more serious concerns is if you’re regularly left out of the bigger picture. If you’re given mindless work and not told its purpose or the ends that you’re working towards, it’s a sign that you’re an underappreciated office slave.

Solution: Speak up!

Speaking out

Image by Michael

The tone of this article isn’t highly serious, but some of the concerns it lists are. It’s easy to let the little things get you down, but keep in mind that nothing’s going to change unless you speak up. Provided you present your case in a way that’s appropriate, this is more than likely to lead to positive changes. At worst, the response you get may be the motivation you need to find a job where you’ll be happier.

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