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Galvanised steel

A Pipe for Every Purpose

No matter where you’re standing, it’s likely that you’re surrounded by kilometres upon kilometres of pipes. Electrical cabling runs underground through piping, sewerage runs through piping, potable plumbing water runs through piping and piping is also key to irrigation systems. Here

The Risks of Running Windows XP

In case you haven’t already heard, Microsoft ended its official support for the Windows XP operating system on April 8, 2014. Updates and support for Microsoft Office and Microsoft Exchange ended on the same day. So what does this mean for
1910 Ford-T

The Ford Model T

Also affectionately called the “Tin Lizzie” or even just the “T”, the Ford Model T was produced by Henry Ford’s Ford Motor Company from 1908 until 1927. Although it wasn’t actually the first car ever manufactured, it was the first car
angry dog

When Can You Claim Damages for a Dog Bite?

If you’re injured as the result of a dog attack in South Africa, you may be able to sue the owner of the dog for damages. For example, you can claim hospital and other medical expenses, as well as general damages
Office chairs

What to Look For in an Office Chair

The human body has evolved to walk, stand and run with great agility. It’s not designed to stay in a sitting position for 8 or more hours at a stretch, and yet this is what many of us now do as

Unique offices

Traditional office space is so passé. Forward-thinking workers and business owners are turning their attention to new and exciting work spaces that encourage productivity and creativity, and don’t bust a hole in the budget. Here are a few exciting office ideas

Types of Plastic Manufacturing

Plastic is everywhere. It’s used in the production of an enormous range of products, from spacebars to spaceships. This is thanks to its low cost, versatility and ease of manufacture. Here we take a look at various processes used in the

Total Recall: Products Pulled from the Shelves

We’d like to think that the goods on sale in supermarkets and other stores have passed stringent safety tests, but every so often an untested, unsafe product falls through the cracks and lands up in the hands of unwitting customers. These
bad office space

Signs You’re Underappreciated Office Slave

We all dream of having a job that’s totally satisfying – a good salary, friendly colleagues, convenient location, engaging tasks and so on. Unfortunately, most of us have jobs that don’t meet all of these standards. However, a little appreciation goes
Riot Police

How Machines are Boosting South African Entrepreneurship

Small and medium enterprise businesses in South Africa are receiving a welcome boost thanks to the proliferation of more affordable machinery. In addition, a new grant from the Department of Trade and Industry is helping entrepreneurs get their businesses off the