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The Difference Between Homeopathy and Herbology

Although many might consider homeopathy and herbology (also known as herbalism or simply herbal medicine) to be in a similar class, they are two separate forms of alternative medicine. Homeopathy Homeopathy involves treating illnesses with remedies created by repeatedly diluting particular
back pain

Easy Ways to Strengthen and Support Your Spine

One in four South Africans suffer from chronic back pain. Long hours sitting, poor posture and poor lifestyle choices can put additional pressure on the spine. Fortunately, there are easy steps you can take to strengthen your core muscles and align
RSA Roads

7 Most Dangerous Roads in South Africa

South Africa is one of the most dangerous places in the world to drive, figuring among the top ten in terms of road accident fatalities. Every year, approximately 14,000 people die on South Africa’s roads, and many more are left seriously
angry dog

When Can You Claim Damages for a Dog Bite?

If you’re injured as the result of a dog attack in South Africa, you may be able to sue the owner of the dog for damages. For example, you can claim hospital and other medical expenses, as well as general damages

Three Miracle Teas to Transform Your Health in 2014

Over the years, teas such as rooibos and green tea have become known for their health benefits. But outside of these household favourites, many other herbal options are being recognised due to their healing properties. Here we consider the amazing health
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Number of Cancer Patients Expected to Rise

Alarmingly, the number of cancer sufferers is set to rise significantly in the coming years, according to a report by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The report suggests that a “tidal wave” of cancer is approaching, and we should be extra

Remedies of the Khoikhoi

People native to South Africa, the Khoikhoi – or Khoi – had a pastoral culture, giving them a close affinity to endemic South African plant life. Today many benefit from the knowledge they’ve passed on about the medicinal properties of various
Office chairs

What to Look For in an Office Chair

The human body has evolved to walk, stand and run with great agility. It’s not designed to stay in a sitting position for 8 or more hours at a stretch, and yet this is what many of us now do as

Total Recall: Products Pulled from the Shelves

We’d like to think that the goods on sale in supermarkets and other stores have passed stringent safety tests, but every so often an untested, unsafe product falls through the cracks and lands up in the hands of unwitting customers. These

The Council for Medical Schemes Explained

The Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) is an independent body established by South Africa’s Medical Schemes Act (131 of 1998) to regulate private health financing through medical schemes. There are approximately 97 distinct medical schemes in South Africa, with approximately 8,469,000