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Mortar and pestle

The Difference Between Homeopathy and Herbology

Although many might consider homeopathy and herbology (also known as herbalism or simply herbal medicine) to be in a similar class, they are two separate forms of alternative medicine. Homeopathy Homeopathy involves treating illnesses with remedies created by repeatedly diluting particular
Cancerous lung x-ray

Number of Cancer Patients Expected to Rise

Alarmingly, the number of cancer sufferers is set to rise significantly in the coming years, according to a report by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The report suggests that a “tidal wave” of cancer is approaching, and we should be extra

Types of Plastic Manufacturing

Plastic is everywhere. It’s used in the production of an enormous range of products, from spacebars to spaceships. This is thanks to its low cost, versatility and ease of manufacture. Here we take a look at various processes used in the

Africa’s Antiseptic Plants

Many plants found on the African continent contain powerful antiseptic properties or other healing properties that can treat a range of illnesses. Typically these plants are more affordable and safer than pharmaceuticals with equivalent effects. Elephant’s Food (Portulacaria afra Jacq.) This